Valeriya Fadeeva – professional psychologist in Dnipro City

Professional psychologist, certified body oriented and art therapist, EMDR-therapist, coach.


  • Ukrainian-Austrian Trauma Therapy Project (EMDR Institute, Vienna, Austria).
  • Ukrainian-Danish Bodyodynamic Body Analysis Project (Bodynamics Institute, Denmark).
  • NLP (Certified NLP Practitioner), Erickson Hypnosis (NLP Institute, Moscow).
  • Psychosynthesis (Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology Institute, Moscow).
  • Art Therapy and Body-Oriented Psychotherapy (Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology Institute, Moscow).

Need psychological help in Dnipro? Contact me:

Phones: +38(099)764-52-86 (WhatsApp), +38(068)262-30-56 (Viber)

Email: [email protected]

Psychotherapy via Skype: AnimaStudia

Address: Ukraine, Dnipro, Shevchenko lane,3


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