Psychologist in Dnipro​

психолог Днепр

I’m pleased to welcome you!

My name is Valeria Fadeeva, and I am a practicing psychologist.

If you’re visiting a psychologist’s website, it likely means that you’ve found yourself in a difficult life situation and are seeking a way out. Rest assured, you’re in the right place and on the right path.

When the light goes out, light a candle. If there are no matches, gaze at the stars. If the sky is clouded, seek light within yourself. Ignite the light in your soul…

Even if your life seems to have lost its color and the world appears black and white… Don’t seek the light outside: don’t ask others to fill you with joy. Look deep within yourself: you have everything needed to be happy. You’re the conductor of the orchestra of your destiny. Don’t stand still – dance the beautiful dance of your life.

Professional psychologist, certified body oriented and art therapist, EMDR-therapist, coach.


  • Ukrainian-Austrian Trauma Therapy Project (EMDR Institute, Vienna, Austria).
  • Ukrainian-Danish Bodyodynamic Body Analysis Project (Bodynamics Institute, Denmark).
  • NLP (Certified NLP Practitioner), Erickson Hypnosis (NLP Institute, Moscow).
  • Psychosynthesis (Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology Institute, Moscow).
  • Art Therapy and Body-Oriented Psychotherapy (Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology Institute, Moscow).


Need psychological help in Dnipro? Contact me:

Phones: +38(099)764-52-86 (WhatsApp), +38(068)262-30-56 (Viber)

Email: anima@anima.dp.ua

Psychotherapy via Skype: AnimaStudia

Address: Ukraine, Dnipro, Shevchenko Str., 10, business center «Shevchenkovsky».



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